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  • David Scott

    Speaking: -Czech-, -Danish-, -English-, -Esperanto-, -Spanish-, -Vietnamese-

  • チュン

    Speaking: -English-, -Japanese-, -Vietnamese-

  • JustTom  

    Speaking: -Vietnamese-

  • Julie nguyen  

    Speaking: -Korean-, -Vietnamese-

  • Bình

    Speaking: -Vietnamese-

  • mesavn04

    Speaking: -English-, -Vietnamese-

  • Sharly Darniati  

    ...lovenian-, -Somali-, -Spanish-, -Sundanese-, -Swahili-, -Swedish-, -Tajik-, -Tamil-, -Telugu-, -Thai-, -Turkish-, -Ukrainian-, -Urdu-, -Uzbek-, -Vietnamese-, -Welsh-, -Yiddish-, -Yoruba-...

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    M.Tri 22

    Hi, i really want to improve my English skill, Can you help me, please?

    Speaking: -Vietnamese-

 Başlıksız Belge

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