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 Başlıksız Belge

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  • Karitam

    Speaking: -Arabic-, -English-, -French-, -German-

  • Jasmin

    Speaking: -German-

  • Nancy

    Speaking: -German-

  • Christina bacharidou

    Speaking: -English-, -German-, -Greek-

  • image
    Paul 40

    I am an artist and poet and that's make a significant effect on my lifestyle and world view. I prefer if someone ask me, or will know me better by talking,chat,etc.

    Speaking: -English-, -German-, -Hungarian-

  • Thomas

    Speaking: -English-, -German-, -Spanish-

  • image
    kathrin 41

    Speaking: -English-, -French-, -German-, -Portuguese-

  • mburak

    Speaking: -Albanian-, -English-, -German-, -Turkish-

 Başlıksız Belge

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