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  • Mejo

    Speaking: -Albanian-, -English-, -Serbian-

  • Soya

    Speaking: -English-

  • Cem

    Speaking: -English-, -Turkish-

  • Sheykohkamau

    Speaking: -English-, -Spanish-, -Swahili-

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    I was born to be stubborn, to be a little bit too close to perfection, to push  myself. i was thought never to take life for granted to live a little to love with everything i had, to never give up, to believe in myself, but most of all to fight for myself and to whom and what i love no matter wh...

    Speaking: -English-, -Filipino-

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    Max 25

    I'm a fitness enthusiast and psychologist, a lover of art & a daredevil sometimes. A great listener, I have a passion for learning new things, meeting new people & guiding people who are conflicted in their choices/decisions or who are depressed; you can talk to me about anything. I alwa...

    Speaking: -English-

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    Lena Golubkova 17

    Hellooooo comrades! :) I'm Lena from Russia, and I wanna find someone to practice English and Spanish with. Also currently I'm lerning Italian so I'll appreciate any help wiyh this language :) Aaand I can help with Russian :) Feel free to message me :)  

    Speaking: -English-, -Russian-, -Spanish-

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