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  • Jade

    Speaking: -English-, -French-, -Indonesian-

  • Andrew

    Speaking: -English-

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    Lifeisveryshort 33

    Everyone here is searching for something. What are you looking for?? Hello, thanks for passing by :) I come in peace. I'm sorry if I looked at your profile & didn't say 'hello', dear friend. I probably didn't know what to say. :) If I don't message you, feel free to message me. Now that I ca...

    Speaking: -English-, -Hindi-, -Kannada-, -Malayalam-

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    Niklas 44

    Speaking: -Bulgarian-, -English-, -German-, -Russian-

  • Francis

    Speaking: -Chinese-, -English-

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    Adelina / Jennie  

    Hi.! I'm Adelina but call me by my nickname Jennie if you like too. ( I'm not looking for love or to be in a Realatioship.)Want to make new Friends.Hobbies: Dancing, Running, sports, Video gaming, playing the violin, Material Arts, drawingFavorite school subjects: Math, Writing and technologyLang...

    Speaking: -Chinese-, -English-, -Hmong-, -Japanese-, -Korean-, -Spanish-, -Thai-

  • savaş

    Speaking: -English-, -Turkish-

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    Jamie 39

    Hello there,  First please allow me to thank you for taking the time to read this message, I'm Jamie from the UK. I have come to realise that there is quite an amazing and mysterious world out there to explore and learn about but sadly due to my own ignorance I know so little about it, so I am h...

    Speaking: -English-

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