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 Başlıksız Belge

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    Boris Slutskiy  

    Speaking: -French-, -Polish-, -Romanian-, -Russian-, -Spanish-

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    Fırat Bk 23

    Hello  I am Fırat  from Turkey I'm a translation student , 23 years old.I would like to learn new cultures and meet new people here. Translation And Interpretation, And At The Same Time I'm An Erasmus Student all 

    Speaking: -Dutch-, -English-, -French-, -German-, -Italian-, -Portuguese-, -Russian-, -Spanish-, -Swedish-

  • vivi lizeth

    Speaking: -Spanish-

  • Igor Dolgov

    Speaking: -English-, -Russian-, -Spanish-

  • Alfonso

    Speaking: -Chinese-, -English-, -Spanish-

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    Mia Campuzano 18

    I do a little bit of everything , mainly focus on the arts , but I do a lot of other things too , and I’m also into writing so if you guys want to Send letters feel free my g. I dont really wanna say much that way we can get to know each other well, but I'm open to getting to know everyone, so, f...

    Speaking: -English-, -Spanish-

  • Clara

    Speaking: -English-, -German-, -Spanish-

  • alfonso

    Speaking: -Spanish-

 Başlıksız Belge

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