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 Başlıksız Belge

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  • oussama

    Speaking: -French-, -Italian-

  • Daniel  

    trabajo en tribunales y gusto de viajar

    Speaking: -Italian-, -Spanish-

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    giare 22

    Speaking: -English-, -Italian-

  • image
    Moh Sof 58

    Je suis marocain, j'adore les langues et j'aimerais en apprendre davantage et me faire des amis à travers le monde

    Speaking: -Arabic-, -English-, -French-, -Italian-, -Portuguese-, -Spanish-

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    Yousef 25

    Speaking: -Arabic-, -English-, -Italian-

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    Carmen 64

    My hobby is language learning.

    Speaking: -English-, -French-, -Italian-, -Romanian-, -Spanish-

  • Serhan

    Speaking: -English-, -German-, -Italian-, -Russian-, -Turkish-, -Ukrainian-

  • Eddy

    Speaking: -Afrikaans-, -Armenian-, -English-, -Italian-

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    Laura Jonson 39

    Hello everyone, I'm Laura Jonson, a 39-year-old teacher in New York. My parents are from Italy but they moved here before my birth, so the USA has been my home ever since. As I already said, I'm a high school English teacher, I also used to model for local companies until 2-3 years back, after wh...

    Speaking: -English-, -Italian-

 Başlıksız Belge

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