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    jammie 29

    Speaking: -English-, -Filipino-

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    xenon 25

    I am Xenon 25 years old, I lived in Castillejos Zambales northern part of the Philippines. I took up software development in college. I love playing badminton, surfing the web, jogging, working out at the gym and sharing ideas with friends I can speak English but not fluent as you are guys but I...

    Speaking: -English-, -Filipino-

  • vaness

    Speaking: -Filipino-

  • clington2017

    Speaking: -Dutch-, -English-, -Estonian-, -Filipino-

  • Biancanera

    Speaking: -Cebuano-, -English-, -Filipino-

  • Kishi

    Speaking: -English-, -Filipino-, -Korean-

  • Tyra

    Speaking: -Cebuano-, -English-, -Esperanto-, -Filipino-

  • coleen

    Speaking: -English-, -Filipino-

  • tiago silva

    Speaking: -English-, -Filipino-, -French-, -Kannada-

  • Mark

    Speaking: -English-, -Filipino-

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