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    neptali sancho  

    I am interested in learning languages, I like history, archeology, philosophy, martial arts, reading books , culture of other countries, traveling

    Speaking: -Chinese-, -English-, -Russian-, -Spanish-

    - online -

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    Clark kent 26

    Disclaimer: Clark Kent is my you might have guessed..I'm a fan of Superman and his ideals..I'm a man who tries to follow the examples set by him. BTW I'm guy who love travelling to new places and meeting new people making new friends. I'm easy to talk to guy, and we can easily be life...

    Speaking: -English-, -Hindi-, -Japanese-, -Punjabi-

  • Rosa

    Speaking: -English-, -Romanian-

  • Maxwell George

    Speaking: -English-, -Spanish-

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    Desiree Johnston 33

    Hi I'm Desiree :) My hobbies are Ancient History, music, acting, art. I'm more into spirituality/philosophy than religion. I'm more/branched out/ opened minded at the same time precautionary. I'm strictly here to make new respectable, kind friends of all corners of the globe. I don't tolerate ju...

    Speaking: -English-

  • Luke

    Speaking: -English-

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    Fırat Bk 23

    Hello  I am Fırat  from Turkey I'm a translation student , 23 years old.I would like to learn new cultures and meet new people here. Translation And Interpretation, And At The Same Time I'm An Erasmus Student all 

    Speaking: -Dutch-, -English-, -French-, -German-, -Italian-, -Portuguese-, -Russian-, -Spanish-, -Swedish-

  • rothetlor

    Speaking: -English-

  • Melek

    Speaking: -English-, -Turkish-

  • Yuri

    Speaking: -English-, -Japanese-

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