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world citizen

happy friendship day to all

(15 days ago)

Travelling to
Twitter username: smilingsridhar

About me

hi its sri from india

wanna know about me , just ask me dont be shy



  • world citizen: happy friendship day to all 15 days ago
  • world citizen published a blog post anonymous 105 days ago
    “We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.” In 2006, they caught their first glimpse of attention after infiltrating the Finnish social networking hub Habbo and blocking access to certain parts...
  • world citizen published a blog post Subramaniya Bharathi poets 158 days ago
    Subramaniya Bharathi poets
    today i like to share my fevorite poem its written by  mr,Subramaniya Bharathihe is not only writer he is also famouce indian freedom fighter   தேடிச்சோறு நிதந் தின்றுதேடிச்சோறு நிதந் தின்று -...
  • world citizen: after long time log in to penpaland, how are you friends and siblings 248 days ago
  • world citizen published a blog post wish you happy deepavali to all 306 days ago
    happy deepavali folks
    • Evgenseeds 301 days ago

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  • By world citizen 15 days ago
    world citizen: happy friendship day to all
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