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Brief description: Looking for something long term and maybe even a soulmate :)
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Hello and thanks for passing by :) I'm sorry if I looked at your profile & didn't say 'hello', dear friend. I probably didn't know what to say. Now that I caught your eye, please take a moment and go through. :)

I'm a devout Christian who is trustworthy, honest, down to earth & kind. God comes first for me & I adore true, unconditional love and believe its something really rare these days. No matter what ever decision I make in my life, I always wish it to be God's will including my soulmate. I would love to make few good friends and the rest is upto God. I am here just to leave a door open for possibilities.

I am not a religious fanatic but rather pious and spiritual. I like helping others and enjoy being that person who can be a mentor for others. I admire people who overcome obstacles or who have to commit - I've always really admired commitment, whether it be a commitment to life or a commitment to love.

I suffered alot in an abusive marriage. I have been deeply scarred and have now come to terms with it. My separation will end in divorce with God's grace sometime in future & wish to meet someone who has a heart of gold. I do believe in miracles and that certain things in life whether good or bad, happens for a reason which we know only later.

I am looking for a friend who is willing to have an honest, long-term relationship which may lead to marriage if its God's plan. The last time it was my decision and unfortunately, faced terrible consequences. I do not wish for that to happen again.

I wish that she be a simple & humble person from any part of the world. One who is mature, submissive, receptive and caring who can not only be a good wife and mother but also a daughter for my parents. I seek a companion who will be there through thick and thin. It would be lovely if she is a Bible-reading Christian and even if she isn't familiar with anything, I will always be more than happy to teach and mould her. I don't want her to be perfect but rather be just normal. It would be desirable if she is willing to relocate to whichever place I go and also be ready to accept my daughter & be the mother she never had. So that there should never be a question of choosing between my partner and daughter as all of us would eventually be a part of the inner circle of trust. I also wish to have kids with her. Neither do I care about her education nor have any expectations to support the family financially. I am confident that I will be able to take care of her with God's grace. In fact, it's fine even if she can't speak English fluently. Its nothing to worry as I will be more than happy to help her. :) All I wish for is a soulmate who is really family-oriented. If you are an egocentric, dominant person or a feminist, please excuse me. From my past observations & experiences, I have observed that for a relationship to work, its best to serve each other selflessly. I believe that like in any successful organisation, there should be a system of hierarchy within the family as well to ensure its smooth running. No! It's not a master-slave relationship! This works differently.
(1 Corinthians 11:3 - But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.) With time I would love to strive only harder for that deserving woman and my family. That's why to make things easier, I insist on my better half being someone who strongly respects Christian values. Searching for someone like 'Ruth' / 'Rebecca' :)

What's in / What I value most:
*Soft-spoken nature
*Honesty (If you are not genuine please don't bother getting in touch)
*Being frank
*Environmentally conscious (You need not be an activist but even the slightest effort to reduce your carbon footprint would be really nice)
*Submissive people (It's easy to work with or even have a good conversation)
*Receptive to ideas
*Cooking. I truly admire people who love to cook! I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Cooking helps relieve my stress. :) I am a foodie too!
*Sense of Humour
*Minimalists. Cmon, we have already consumed alot of resources so perhaps it's about time to trim the fat. I also don't like consumerism or materialism. Remember, only good relationships will last, nothing else.
*Philanthropy/Charity. I believe that when you help a needy soul, you can be at peace with yourself. Of course, only the deserving ones cz sadly so many fakes are out there.
*Being humble. I look up to such people.

Whats not okay! / What upsets me:
*Arrogant people.
**Feminists (Sorry, I just feel that 95 percent of them do not fight for the right stuff. They do not even care for uplifting downtrodden women instead just focus on hammering guys)
*Ego (someone once said in the likes of.... If you don't like being corrected, then you must work on your ego!)
*Obsession & Over-possessiveness (This stuff is toxic and can never help in a relationship. I have experienced this from my rather turbulent marriage. I detest this.)
*Pride (It comes before fall. Same goes with bad attitude. Everything can vanish in a fraction of a second, so why be like that??)
*Superiority Complex
*Impatient people. If you are in a hurry please do carry on. I don't wish to trouble you.
*Too much makeup:)

PS: I usually hesitate to take the first step but if you feel like giving it a shot, then please, please feel free to leave a message! I am fine about waiting patiently for God's perfect time. :) I pray that special person be an answer to my prayer. We could take things slowly to understand each other first. I do not have my picture here due to personal reasons but I am more than happy to share if you are curious.

"A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life."
-Proverbs 1:10-12

"He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord."
-Proverbs 18:22


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