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Kondrasheva Olga
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Kondrasheva Olga

Brief description: The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude!
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 One wise man said 
There are three things that will never get back, they are the time,the word and the possibility 
There are three things that shouldn't be lost - calmness, hope and honour 
There are three things that are the most valuable - love, principals and friendship 
There are the the most unreliable things in the life- power,luck and wealth 
There are three things that define the personality -  labour,  honesty  and achievements 
There are three things that destroy the person - alcohol,pride and anger 
There are three things that are most difficult to say - I love you, sorry and help me 

I'd like to be as wise as that man but I'm just a humanbeing.I try to move forward and do smith meaningful although must 
admit that sometimes it's really difficult.I prefer to see the half full glass to half empty and look for some one who shares the same ideas.I still believe in true friendship and wanna find a true friend.I'll be happy to hear that from you


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