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 Başlıksız Belge

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Brief description: Ready For Anything
Travelling to
Will be in: 2022?
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About me

I Enjoy Being Challenged, Surprised, And Meeting People That May Know Better.
Wholly Curious.
Highly Analytical .
Aspiring History Buff.
Politically Incorrect.
Thalasso Germano & Audiophile.
Autodidact & Philomath.
Sapiosexual Melomaniac.

I Appreciate:
Good Humor, Literacy, American History, Creativity, Ugly Dogs, Open Water, Nature, Clever Prose, Autodidacts, Thrift, Late Nights, Long Drives, Substantive Conversation. Jack Daniels, And Avant-Garde (Everything Else.) Day By Day Though—I'm Only Here Hoping To Find A Partner-In-Crime, Language Partner, Resource, Reference, Pen-Pal. Etc. For Any Future In Europe.

Road trips to nowhere are what I'm after if you're here—m
inimal house and lounge music in low lit rooms filled with old couches through cities I often don't get to a chance to spend time in is for then. Hikes up and down mountains I haven't found yet, too. Seeing cities most people just pass by without noticing because they live in it. Trips to the beach. I've been practicing German on and off for about two years, have language exchanges with people in about 7 countries, helped several others learn English, have seen large portions of 35+ states, listen to 5-10 commentators every day, am an excellecent photographer, write often, am kind, value Christianity as much as those with eternal curiosity, and won't tell you no if you have something to teach me.

Unfamiliar with this site and unsure if and when I'm coming...
Message me for more? :)



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