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About me

Hi.! I'm Adelina but call me by my nickname Jennie if you like too.
But looking to make new friends.
Want to make new Friends.
Hobbies: Dancing, Running, sports, Video gaming, playing the violin, Material Arts, drawing
Favorite school subjects: Math, Writing and technology
Languages: Spanish, English, Know some Korean, Japanese,Thai,Hmong, Sign Language and Chinese
Pets: Dogs
Names of Pets: Bonita, Capo, Cody, Bob, Rex
I don't mind how you look or how old are you. I just want to meet new people and be friends. I might show pictures of my dogs and other things If i get know you better.

   Instgram account user: Jennie_530605

Please email me on my  Email account: [email protected] 

casue i might not answer or respone to the messages you send me.




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