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Seeking tandem partner for German language practice

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By prateek 91 days ago Comments (1)

Seeking tandem partner for German language practice

Hello Frnds,

I am Prateek and i am student in berlin. i want to learn German in return of this i will teach you English or you can practice language with me. I'm a college student. I study MBA in Berlin and now a days i am writing My master thesis.. And also doing Job in one Autombile Company in Berlin

About me - I am a very fun loving person, love to party and try to cherish every moment of my life, i am a foodie & also cook very good and making awesome cookies..

If you are interested to be my tandampartner just let me know




  • Lori Jones 43 days ago

    I would love to practice German with you! I've been searching for someone to practice with myself. I live in Ohio, USA, but lived in Germany (West lol) as a child and spoke, read and wrote the language fluently! Unfortunately, in the 40 years or so since then I have forgotten most of it. I'm still beginning my learning (or re-learning) process and have had no luck finding anyone to practice with. 

    I'm willing to chat online or email back and forth. Unfortunately, my internet is so terribly slow that I cannot use Skype to live chat w/video :(

    I'll friend request you and if you accept, you'll be able to see my email address also (at least you *should* be able to as that is how I set my settings). 

    I'm a very late night person and live in the Eastern Time Zone; not sure what the time difference is between us. I've been using Rosetta Stone and I really like it but I just can't seem to find anyone to connect with for practice.

    Hope you're still around, as I see this post was quite a while ago. Hope to hear from you soon!

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 Başlıksız Belge

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