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Shillong Teer Counter Hit Number

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By sophiamay 389 days ago

Teer is a game which played by indian people in different state daily. Teer game is most rising game through this game people earn thousands of amount daily. Everybody is now try to win this game and try their luck daily weekly and monthly. There will be different rule to play this game. Some people play shillong teer game some of them play juwai teer game and different other teer game.shillong teer association provide you daily results and previous results also.

The teer common numbers are teer results are up to date often on extraordinary websites associated with the teer. not unusual numbers are based totally on certain mathematical calculations and are derived from the beyond outcomes. you could additionally view the antique teer results through specific websites. there are masses of social structures that offer you an help in teer. as well as there are hundreds of web sites, blogs and videos which can be associated with the teer.


The teer common numbers have a lot of advantages and downsides. the teer common numbers are 90% correct of target numbers. but, you need to play at your very own threat. the team does now not provide any teer making numbers these days.

khanapara teer commonplace numbers

29,51,28,5, 1
28,20,63 6 3

shillong teer common numbers

50,fifty five,37 1 five
20,84,29 2 9

juwai teer not unusual numbers

46,04,73, 0, 4
27,19,49 1 9

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