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How to say April Fool’s Day in different languages.

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By Administrator 333 days ago

How to say April Fool’s Day in different languages.

Many countries have their own equivalent of April Fool’s Day.  Let’s look at how April Fool’s Day is translated into different languages:

In Italian, it is an “April fish”: Pesce d’aprile!

In Turkish, it is  ”1 Nisan!”, meaning “April 1″ .

In Russian, it is usually called Первое апреля / Pervoe aprelya (1st April). But it can also be called День дураков / Den’ durakov, i.e. Fools’ Day.

In German, they say “1. April” (= erster April).

In Spain, they celebrate it on December 28th, and they call it “Dia de los Santos Inocentes”, that is ¨Innocents´day¨.

In Polish they say: Prima aprilis ! ( It’s Latin ) They also add: Uważaj , bo się pomylisz! ( it rhymes ) Be careful otherwise you will make a mistake !

In Finnish, it is Aprillipäivä.

In Portuguese, it is 1º de Abril, dia dos bobos (April 1st, fools’ day). Also Dia das mentiras and Dia das petas, “day of the lies”.

In French: (le) 1er (premier) avril.

In Vietnamese: Ngày Cá tháng Tư / April’s fish day -Ngày Nói Dối / Deceiving day

In Serbia, after you fooled somebody, you say: “Aprililili!!!”.

In Chinese, we say “愚人节”. It literally means “The Fools’ Festival “.

In Romanian, the first of April (rom: întâi aprilie) is called “Ziua păcălelii”.

In Estonian, it is called “esimene aprill” or “naljapäev”.

In Lithuanian, they call it “Balandžio pirmoji”. You can also say – “Melagių diena” (day of the liars)

In Hungarian: bolondok napja ~ literally: Fools’ Day or simply április 1. (április elseje) ~ meaning: April 1st

In Dutch, it is Eén april, and if you pull a joke you can call that een aprilvis.

Unfortunately, in the Phillipines they do not commemorate it consciously. Thereby, no such phrase exists idiomatically in Tagalog.  But if such a phrase were to be invented, it would surely be… Araw (Day) ng mga (of the) Nalókó (Fools).

To all liars out there who have been reading our blog. It’s your day today! So lie all you can :)

And to everyone else, Happy April Fool’s Day!

Source: sagelanguages.com

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 Başlıksız Belge

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